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Product Overview
LW500FN wheel loader is the latest cross-generation product developed by XCMG on the basis of the globalized technologic resources.
Focusing on the customer value and emphasizing the customer experiences, XCMG’s new generation loader boasts outstanding advantages (such as efficiency) in the fields of engineering constructions, aggregate yards, and coal logistics.

Model Characteristics
XCMG’s exclusive high torque and high efficiency drive chain features reasonable matching.
The front frame adopts the box structure with integrally cast lugs and the rear frame adopts the special-shaped box beams welded from variable stiffness bent plates, featuring high carrying capacity.
The hinged joints between front and rear frames adopt the structure of rolling bearings + knuckle bearings, featuring high carrying capacity and working stability.
With short wheelbase and small turning radius, this product features high mobility and flexibility and outstanding field adaptability.
The ergonomically design cab adopts integral skeleton structure, delicate interior trim parts, and sound insulation and noise reduction measure, featuring broad visual field,
super-large space, and high operation comfort.
The diversified configurations and complete attachments comprehensively adapt to the construction needs in different regions and under different working conditions.

Performance Highlights
The 160kN traction force and ≥3.5m high dumping capacity handle the severe conditions with ease.
≥7,500kg lifting capacity and 170kN breakout force handle all kinds of materials with ease.

Strong power
With strong power and high torque reserve factor, this engine meets the instant overload demand during operations and sufficiently provides the power required for heavy-load operations.
The three-stage desert filter element features simple maintenances and low cost.

XCMG’s patented technology Heavy-duty energy-conservation transmission and torque converter assembly
The special high capacity torque converter ensures the maximum utilization of engine power.
The enhanced design and the application of imported products for critical carrying parts effectively improve the overload capacity of transmission.
The drive shaft flanges are of DIN and SAE specifications and the distribution diameter of the fastening bolts is enlarged to realize super-strong torsion
resistance and adapt to high strength and heavy-load continuous operations.

Enhanced heavy-duty drive axle of outstanding performances
The solid and firm load carrying portions, integral ring gears, and large modulus gears boast excellent overload resistance to meet the needs of diversified high strength and high load operations.

The design of cab and access passages is ergonomically optimized to create the best driving and riding experience for the operator from the first touch of the machine.
All-new digitalized VDO combination instrument features beauty and elegance.
The steering system and the working device feature accurate and handy operations.
The steering wheel and the seat are freely adjustable depending on the operator's habits.
The easily and naturally observable instruments, the panoramic glasses, and the super-large spherical rearview mirrors ensure a broad vision and easy and safe operations.
The integrally full-enclosed skeleton structure cab is fitted with complete storage cells, cup holder, and charger and the optional air conditioning system to realize noise reduction and heat insulation and build a comfortable, healthy, and safe driving environment.

Human-oriented design Guarantee safety and reduce fatigue
Convenient get-on/get-off and high operation safety: The ladders and the handrails are arranged ergonomically and the operation platform adopts the anti-skid perforation
Stable braking: The air-assisted hydraulic four-wheel caliper brakes feature stable braking and high safety and reliability.
Automatic high-position leveling: The bucket incorporates the automatic high-position dumping and leveling function and the transport position stop block function to improve the working efficiency and reduce the splashing of material during operations.

Long-tested super-strong heavy-duty structural parts
Frame structure of super-strong carrying capacity
The heavy-duty design, and robot welding ensure secure welds, high torsion resistance efficiency, and strong overload capacity.
The finite element analysis technology is adopted to reduce the stress concentration and eliminate the partial weaknesses so that the frame is resistant against impact and overload and handles with ease all kinds of overload conditions.

Secure and reliable frame hinge joints
Two groups of double-row tapered roller bearings are adopted for the main hinge joints, featuring high carrying capacity and long service life.

Excellent quality power and drive systems
The transmission, the axles, and the drive shafts are optimized in structures and upgraded in materials to achieve stronger drive capacity.
The enhanced torque transmission capacity for friction pairs improves the capacity by >15% for all gears.
The main reducer bevel gears are optimized in materials and processes to improve the reliability by 15%.

Diversified bucket design
Standard bucket: It's installed with bucket guide plates to prevent the scattering of material from damaging the machine.
Coal bucket: It’s dedicated for handling of bulk materials (such as coal), featuring high bucket capacity and high efficiency.

High strength wear-resistant bucket design
Application of high strength wear-resistant material
The bucket is thoroughly made of high strength steel plates to improve the wear resistance and impact resistance by more than 30% and prolong the service life.

Specially enhanced critical portions
The reinforcement ribbed plate structure design is applied for critical load-carrying portions to prevent the distortion and deformation of the bucket.

Optimized boom hinges
The dumping impact is reduced by 30% to remarkably improve the reliability of bucket and boom.

Higher convenience
The easy and convenient daily maintenances ensure that the machine is under the best ready status at all times.

Various attached toos meeting requirements of different working conditions
Clamp: For grab and transport of various woods and tubing. Snow plough: For snow removing in roads and urban streets.

Wheel loader LW300FN Technical Specifications:

Item Specification Unit
Rated operating load 5000 kg
Bucket capacity 2.5~4.5
Machine weight 16900 kg
Dump clearance at maximum lift 3150~3560 mm
Reach at maximum lift 1100~1190 mm
Wheel base 2960 mm
Tread 2250 mm
Height of hinge at maximum lift height 4112 mm
Working height(fully lifted) 5510 mm
Max.breakout force 170 kN
Hydraulic cycle time-raise 6 s
Total hydraulic cycle time 10.5 s
Min. turning radius over tyres 5950 mm
Articulation angle 35 °
Gradeability 28 °
Tyre size 23.5-25-16PR  
Overall machine dimension L×W×H 7910×3016×3515  
Model WP10G220E21  
Rated Power 162 Kw
Fuel Tank 250 L
Hydraulic Tank 210 L
Travel speed ?-gear(F/R) 13/18 km/h
?-gear(F/R) 40 km/h
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